Allow 2-4 hours for your puppy to be pampered. We have limited appointments available each day so we can spend time with your four legged family member to assure your pet is safe, comfortable and given the best quality. We take care of any breed, any size and any age. If you have a puppy or older dog please allow extra time for us to slowly get them comfortable with us. If you would like to get them out quick as possible we recommend that you request an appointment early in the morning.

All our shampoos are hypo allergenic and never dry out their skin.

We offer oatmeal and medicated shampoo for all types of skin problems.

We also use conditioner with every bath at no extra charge.

We strive to provide you with only the highest quality, ranging from a simple bath to a new hair style.

Bath & Brush

- A warm bath with hypo allergenic shampoo and condition

-Ear cleaning

-Anal expression

- Hand blow dry

- Brush and comb out

Bath and Tidy

- Warm bath with hypo allergenic shampoo and conditioner

- Ear cleaning

- Anal expression

- Hand blow dry

- Brush and comb out

- Nail trimming

- Light trimming

Bath and Style

- Warm bath with hypo allergenic shampoo and conditioner

- Ear cleaning

- Anal expression

- Hand blow dry

- Nail Trimming

- Brush and comb out

- Full haircut on body, legs , face, ears, tail

Your groomer will discuss the options of different styles and lengths, we only trim ears and tail on request as most owners like to leave them long.

We strive to give you exactly what you want,

feel free to bring in pictures for us. 

Prices depend on breeds, size and condition of coat.

There may be extra charges for matting fees 

Please call to get an estimate

(760) 776 - 9201

Helpful tip:

Brush your pet everyday to maintain a healthy coat and happy pet, this will eliminate any uncomfortable matting. 

We offer weekly and bi weekly discount for standing appointments.

A La Carte

-Nail Trimming $10sm/$20Lg

-Brush out $5-40* depending on coat*

-Anal Express $5

-Nail Painting $10

-Dremel Nails $10-15

-Blueberry Facial $3

-Teeth brushing $7 *Get your own toothbrush with name!

Now providing day care

Have a few errands to run or need your pup out of the house for a few hours?

Drop them off for some doggie fun with us for the time being and we will provide a safe and comfortable environment.

They will get to run around and play with the other dogs while your away.

(760) 776- 9201

Please call at least 30 min prior.

Some days are shorter than others,

so just give us a call for our hours

Tuesday -Saturday

8:30- 4:00

No credit cards